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Interactive Relationships: 

An Exploration of Ceramic Surface and Form

In 2015, Katie completed an honors thesis as part of Bachelor's degree.  The capstone of this project included a gallery installation, thesis paper, and defense presentation.  The defense committee awarded her work highest honors.

Thesis Project Abstract: 

An inherent web of relationships exists between form, surface, and prescribed function for any given object. In this thesis project, the form and surface of a pot are examined through process as each piece is made. Subsequent relationships, including those between interior/exterior, smooth/rough, geometric/organic, and part/whole, emerge from the main exploration. These relationships are also considered in an attempt to reach a resolved product.

The process of exploration includes two and three-dimensional sketches, chemical research, other media, active making, and a great deal of experimentation in all areas. As the exploration goes on, the halves of each material relationship naturally require adjustment in coordination with one another. The balance between parts is constantly shifting, so that some relationships deepen while others dissipate. This shifting balance drives and is driven by my research.

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