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Katie Fee is a potter, research technician, and material enthusiast  in Chicago, Illinois, where she lives with her husband.  She divides her studio time between being an Artist-in-Residence at Lillstreet Art Center and a Research Technician.

Fee earned her B.A. in Studio Art and Geology from the College of William & Mary and her MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics. Fee has zig-zagged across the country in pursuit of art community, wood kilns, and studio space- including time as a special student at U.Mass, Dartmouth, a long-term resident at Mudflat Art Center, Resident and Soda Firing instructor at The Morean Center for Clay, and as staff at Peters Valley School of Craft.

Fee grew up on her grandparent’s farm, and is inspired by memories of working, cooking, and exploring the landscape of wetland South Carolina. She also draws inspiration from her undergraduate Geology Studies and lived experience in landscape. She loves that ceramics marries seemingly separate worlds: simultaneously grounding us in the action of the earth, enhancing the architecture of our daily lives, and connecting us to our ancestors.

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